photo by Alex Lear


She Shimmy, She Wobble


         “she shimmy, she wobble

         she make me wanna holla”


what happened last night

has had me dreaming all day


what black women got

& have given to the world

is no secret


more erotic than the pleasure flow

of emerald water in a secluded cove

the diving into which sends

wet electric ecstatic tremors

tumble cascading through your body,

jump scream shooting out of the trembling

toenail of your left foot’s big toe


& leaves you so satiatedly gasping

for air following the cpr

of her thighs driving you

out of your skull that you swear

you shook hands with the devil

right before tongue kissing god


conjuring up sensual bliss, of course

is not all black women do,

there is far, far more to both

blackness and womanhood than coition

but since this is the way

babies are born, I can’t imagine

much else more important than

honoring that most ancient portal,

our ancestral path,

the primal womanworld

through which the whole

of humanity has issued


created in the exquisitely moist climax

that some scientists rather crudely call

the big bang


—kalamu ya salaam